Monday, August 17, 2009

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This blog is dedicated to my quest to play a tournament in all 50 states. It was this article in June 2008 Chess Life that got me thinking about trying to play all 50. When I started playing in chess tournaments back in 1972, I never thought I'd make it to so many different places for tournaments. From 1972 through 1981 I managed to play in 16 different states. I'm still not sure if I've played in DC. There were a few tournaments I played in during 1977 and 1978 that could have been in Maryland or DC. That's going to take a little detective work. However DC isn't one of those places that lacks tournaments or is difficult to get to. I might just go play down there in August, and declare it as my first known tournament in DC. From late 1981 through early 2006, I had not played in any new states. From May 2006 to July 2009, I've added 9 more states.

I made my 26th state at the US Open in Indianapolis, Indiana last week. I'm now over half way there. I added four new states this year. I seriously doubt I'll add to the list this year. Though with me you can never tell. Maybe I can finally start working on the earlier states that I've yet to post.

The long range plan of this blog is to add posts which will contain my first game in each state, the tournament, score, pictures (if any), and what ever else might be of interest.

This is a work in progress as I have to go back through 37 years of score sheets and records to put my first tournament for each state. I've already put together a spreadsheet with each tournament listed. I just have to go back and find the games and put them into pgn files so I can I can load them. My most recent states have been easy since I already have those games in pgn format from my Mon Roi. The oldest games from 1972-1975 will have to be translated from English Descriptive.

I've already started putting up some games. Since I'm dating the posts with the tournament date they will appear in reverse chronological order. My sidebar will have links to each post. Right now the sidebar links aren't really needed, but as I add more states they will be necessary.
Recent additions have been Nevada which is #24. I finally finished my Tennessee post which was state #23 which I played in April.

Enjoy my chess journey.


Torneos de Ajedrez Puerto Rico Informa said...

You shall also consider playin in some of the US Territories, like PR an the USVI.

VI Torneo Internacional de Ajedrez - José De Diego
Friday, April 17 to Sunday, April 19

Organizer/TD: Punta Borinquén Chess Club
Omar Añeses, Esq. 787-590-5425 Email:

The tournament will take place from Friday, April 17 to Sunday, April 19 at Centro de Capacitación Deportiva y Recreativa (CECADER), Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

Aguadilla is known as the "Garden of the Atlantic". The name comes from the colorful sponges and marine life prevalent in this area. It is also internationally known for its world-class surfing beaches.

As you approach the town from the east on Rt 2, you pass the exit for the airport. If you take this exit (Rt 110), you come to the Rafael Hernández Airport at the converted Ramey Air Force Base. Now a major civilian airport, it features the longest runways in the Caribbean and services an expanding amount of commercial, private, charter and cargo traffic.

The 18-hole Punta Borinquen Golf Course, which was designed for President Eisenhower, is open to the public and features holes that run right along the cliff on the water’s edge. Spectacular sunsets may be seen from El Miradero, a lookout point on Rt 2, and El Parterre, a legendary park on Muñoz Rivera St.

Time Control is 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment per move and the playing schedule is Friday 8:00pm, Saturday 10:00am and 3:00pm, Sunday 10:00am and 3:00pm.
Sections and Prizes

All sections rated the Puerto Rico Chess Federation (FAPR)
Open section also rated FIDE
All players ranked by highest current FIDE/FAPR/CFC/USCF

Guaranteed Prize Fund $5,000.00

Open section: Open (FIDE): $1,000; $500; $300; $150; $150 y $150
(U1800): $800; $400; $200; $150; $150 y $150
(U1400): $400; $200; $75; $75; $75 y $75
(U1000)/Unrated: Trophies (1-3)
Registration and Payment

Please register by email at earliest convenience! - payment can follow (required before pairings)

Mail: Check to "PBCC" at PO BOX 841 AGUADILLA, PUERTO RICO 00605
(Please include email address for payment receipt confirmation)

Entry Fees: Free for GM, IM, FM and WGM, WIM, WFM (entry fee will be deducted from prize)
Membership for the Puerto Chess Federation (FAPR) required
Open and (U1800): $50 before April 2, 2009; $60 after
(U1400) $25 before April 2, 2009; $30 after
(U1000) $5 before April 2, 2009; $10 after

Hotels: Discounted room rates (see below)
Free Lodging - limited, so reserve early! At sport facilities (CECADER )

Area Hotels:

Courtyard by Marriott Aguadilla ($174.00) average price
West Parade/Belt Road, Ramey Base
Aguadilla, 00603 Puerto Rico
Phone: 1 (787) 658-8000 Fax: 1(787) 658-8020

El Pedregal Hotel ($105.00) average price
Cuesta Nueva Aguadilla PR 111 Km 0.1
Aguadilla, 00603 Puerto Rico
Phone: 1( 787) 882-2865 / 2875

El Faro in Aguadilla ($84.00) average price
Road 107 Kilometer 21, Ramey Base
Aguadilla, PR Puerto Rico
Phone : 1 (787) 882-8000 Fax: 1 (787) 891-3110

Aguadilla Airport:

Rafael Hernández - The longest runways in the Caribbean
North of Rt 2 on Rt 110 between Aguadilla & Isabela
Aguadilla, PR
Phone: 1(787) 890-6075 / (787)-891-2286 Fax: 1 (787) 890-5277

Airline Reservations:

Continental Airlines Phone: 1 (877) 499-5039 Fax: (787) 890-2993
JetBlue Airways Pnone: 1 (800) 538-2583 / (787) 890-1680 / (787) 253-3300

Lon said...

If you get near ND, the best place to find a USCF tournament in the state is Lon Larson

SBCC64 said...

If you've not yet played in Louisiana, I'd like to invite you to play in one of the Shreveport-Bossier Chess Club tournaments. Unfortunately we don't have a website yet but if you would like to be informed of when we have a tournament scheduled contact us at Currently there are two tournaments scheduled: 9/19/09 and 10/24/09

Intermezzo said...

Hi Polly,

You visited my blog back in October and I wanted to return the favour and say "Hi".

This project of yours sounds like a lot of fun and it would be a great acheivement.I've only been to the US once but I'd imagine it would be no small feat to play a tournament in every state. It'd be a bit easier for me to do the same thing here in the UK :)

Good luck with it. I look forward to tracking your progress and seeing your games.

Catch you later,


Lynn Green said...

Let me know if you come to Oklahoma.

Polly said...

Lynn: Oklahoma is one of those places I'd like to get to since I keep hearing nice things about the tournaments that Frank & Jim Berry run.