Sunday, July 12, 2009

#25 Kansas

July 11 - 12, 2009
Kansas Open - Open Section
Lindsborg, KS
0 wins
3 draws
2 losses

I had played in the Kansas Quick Championship on Friday. As I mentioned at Castling Queen Side, my first round opponent was a no show. That would not be the case this time. I had to play the same guy who crushed me in round two of the quick event. The opening was the same, but at last I avoided some of the mistakes I made on Friday night. Unfortunately the result was still the same. I had my typical difficulties against d4 Colle type lines. I never got the light squared bishop out, and I let him get way too much play on the king side. I put up a little more fight then I had on Friday night, but it still was too short a game for my taste.


After drawing in the second round I played another one of my quick chess opponents. Like Friday night I lost to this guy too. He was the player that I was winning against, but tossed my advantage in an ADD loss of focus moment. However I guess I had made him nervous enough on Friday that he switched to e4 for our rematch on Saturday. The game is posted here.

Sunday would be kid's day. I would be paired against two of the teenaged 1600s that had also opted to play up instead of playing in the Under 1800 section. Both games would end in draws. The first one would be a fairly quick draw. The other one would be a long draw. Those two games can be seen here.